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Energy content

More powerful than the next best packaged explosive at 5,121 j/g energy capacity


Speed of deflagration

340 m/s – Ensuring minimal vibration impact to surrounding environment



500 MPa – With reaction runaway, AutoStem Cartridges reach maximum pressure within milliseconds sufficient to break out the hardest rock



1.1 g/cm3 – Highest packing and mix density makes Gen III Cartridges the most powerful blasting cartridge available worldwide



PPV reduction relative to conventional explosives by up to 90% (depending on cartridge size, rock competency and application type)


Water Resistant

Water resistant as a standard to a depth of 50m (6 bar)




AutoStem delivers twice the power than conventional high explosives so less is required.



AutoStem products do not require expensive accessories such as detonators, which also does away with the requirement for strict stock control and inventory of these products.



AutoStem production processes are more simplified, greener and less expensive.



AutoStem does not require special vehicles with security escorts for transportation, and storage is simplified.



Using AutoStem does not require clearing of equipment and personnel for more than 50m and in a mining environment re-entry is immediate.



Shelf-life of AutoStem is years, so if not used immediately it is not wasted – explosive are months.


Autostem rock breaking solutions

66% reduction in vibration using Gen III

4.8kg of AutoStem used versus 10.0kg of conventional packaged explosives for a 1.2m advance, 90% reduction in dust, and vibration at 6m, 12m and 18m markedly reduced. Immediate re-entry possible with no toxic gas concentration

AutoStem Technology Rock breaking solutions

Breaking rock with conventional high explosives has a high transportation, storage, environmental  and handling risk and mitigating such risk more especially the risk of self ignition is of primary concern. The innovative AutoStem™ Technology reduces this risk exponentially bringing all round improvement in safety. Shutting down and evacuating a site for blasting is not necessary. AutoStem™ allows for a minimal clearance of only 50 meters and can also be used near to communities, infrastructure & buildings thus reducing the hazard and risk of damage to people or property.

AutoStem rock breaking cartridges are safer and more powerful than the next best packaged explosive at 5,121 j/g Energy Capacity.

Transform Your Blasting Operations with AutoStem,

The Safest, Cutting-Edge, and Sustainable Rock Breaking Technology


AutoStem is at the forefront of the mining and quarry industry's transition to a safer, environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional explosives. Our non-detonating blasting cartridges are the world's safest, most advanced, and high-performance rock breaking solution available in the market today.


As the global leader in the research, development, and commercialization of alternative explosive technology, we have revolutionized the way that civil, quarry, and mining industries approach blasting. Our non-detonating cartridges are engineered to offer a safer, more efficient alternative to traditional explosives, without compromising on performance.


One of the most significant benefits of our AutoStem blasting cartridges is the elimination of tamping and stemming actions, greatly reducing the risk of accidents and injuries associated with traditional explosives. Our technology utilizes a stemming action that closes the borehole during initiation, ensuring the safety of blasters and their teams.


Our patented safety switch adds another layer of protection by preventing any possible initiation before unlocking the product for use in the borehole. This means that our blasting cartridges do not require the use of a detonator or any other explosive accessories, making our products even more cost-effective and safer to handle.


We take great pride in offering our customers a safer and more sustainable alternative to traditional explosives. Our products are designed to reduce the impact on the environment, while still providing the same level of performance and reliability as traditional explosives.


In summary, AutoStem is the future of blasting. Our non-detonating cartridges are the world's safest, most advanced, and high-performance rock breaking technology available today. Our revolutionary technology offers a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional explosives, making AutoStem the ideal choice for the civil, quarry, and mining industries.

"Empower Your Blasting Operations with the Future of Rock Breaking Technology - AutoStem: The Safest and Most Advanced Non-Detonating Solution Available Today."

Rock Breaking Cartridges AutoStem
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