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Discover the world's safest, most powerful, non-detonating blasting cartridge with AutoStem


We’re changing the way the world thinks about blasting and explosives

With the advent of non-detonating blasting technology, the world is quickly adopting a new and safer way to blast rock and concrete without the otherwise unavailable consequences of shock and throw rock.

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We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Around the World

AutoStem Non-detonating Rock Breaking Cartridges

Self-Stemming Blasting Cartridge

With an emphasis on safety, AutoStem rock breaking cartridges do not require any tamping or stemming action.


Upon initiation, the cartridge functioning includes a stemming action which closes the borehole for the blaster.

Safety Switch Technology 

All AutoStem blasting cartridges are fitted with a patented safety switch, preventing any possible initiation prior to "unlocking" the product for use in the borehole. 

The AutoStem Blasting Cartridge does not require the use of a detonator, meaning explosive accessories are not a requirement when blasting with AutoStem products.

AutoStem Non-detonating Rock Breaking Cartridges
AutoStem Non-detonating Rock Breaking Cartridges


An improved approach to blasting, demolition and general quarrying and mining.

AutoStem Blasting Cartridges enable the possibility of focused, local blasting without the requirement for large clearing areas, discontinuous mining cycles and traditional safety concern.

AutoStem In Numbers

340 m/s

Burning speed


PPV vibration at 5m


ANFO equivalent

<6,500 MPa

Peak pressure



AutoStem Cartridges are accredited with international standard's bodies world-over, we are in fact the only blasting cartridge provider who's product lines can be exported to every continent.

AutoStem Technology

BAM European Union

AutoStem Technology

Australian Ministry of Dangerous Goods

AutoStem Technology

Natural Resources Canada


USA Department of Transport


We’re value our global collaborations and interconnected network partnerships and invite you to contact us to explore the art of the possible.



We are looking for a high energy team with interest in taking on a distributorship for AutoStem products in various markets.

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